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Welcome to Lola, Canford’s new puppy!


We start the second half of term with a new addition to the Canford Community and the Canford Wellbeing team, Lola, our new school dog!

Research has shown that dogs in a school environment have many wellbeing and mental health benefits.  Chatting while walking along encourages easy conversation which is sometimes more awkward when face to face, and we all know about the positivity you get from being outdoors.  A dog is non-judgmental and freely affectionate which is important for everyone, especially boarders away from family.  Cuddling and hugging a dog can be a great comfort when you are feeling a bit low. Some of our international pupils staying with us haven’t seen their parents for some time so Lola’s arrival this year has been a highlight for many pupils currently staying onsite, they have been helping take her for walks and train her.

Lola is an adorable mix of whippet, labrador and poodle, all breeds known for their intelligence and gentleness. She is five months old and still in training. She will be based in a manned classroom, in a crate, so that she won’t disturb lessons, and will be able to go for a walk with pupils and staff on request.  

One of our Joint Heads of Wellbeing, Pagan Bishop, is looking forward to Lola becoming a firm favourite with pupils and staff:

“It has been such a challenging year for everyone and the arrival of Lola has already brightened the lives of many of the pupils and staff who have met her.   She is such a friendly, sweet natured dog and can’t wait to meet more members of our school community as they start returning to the campus. I hope that she is going to be a positive and popular addition to our school community.”


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