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Whole Day Enterprises 2021

Whole Day Enterprises 2021
Group challenges, outdoor activity and community action work

Whole Day Enterprises takes place a number of times during the school year and involves pupils engaging in group challenges, outdoor activity and community action work over the course of a day, or in some cases a whole weekend. It is a fantastic opportunity to spend quality time getting involved in these activities, as well as fulfilling important aspects of Canford’s values. 

Local community activities included one group of pupils who compiled stories aimed at specific primary age groups, targeting a strand of the primary science curriculum. The stories incorporated a science element and an experiment was designed to go alongside each. First Schools pupils from Colehill, Hampreston and Merley enjoyed live Teams/Google Meet calls with Canford pupils, reading their stories aloud during three simultaneous calls to over 13 classes in total. Canford’s pupils did amazingly well and the stories were very well received. Another group of pupils were involved in making masks to distribute locally.  Fifty colourful handmade masks were sent to the Seaview Centre and to the Fernhill Dementia Care Home and were much appreciated by the staff and residents.

Following the story reading session one pupil said: "Unfortunately, due to Covid, we have not been able to physically go into the schools and help out while interacting with the children. However, we did get the chance to read some stories to multiple classes over a teams call which they seemed to really enjoy." 

120 Army cadets spent two days in Bovington with heavy rain and wind adding a new dimension to the previous weeks of training. 

Dan Culley, Director of Activities and Outdoor Challenges, reported

“Suffice to say, the pupils rose to the challenge and after “infiltrating into enemy territory”, the cadets established their “harbour areas”, rehearsed their “section attacks” and conducted various ambushes before heading for the shelter of their ponchos under the trees. A visit by Major Risbey with hot chocolate and cookies helped morale as the cadets retired for a relatively dry night (all things are relative), only to be woken at 6.00am the next morning to a “refreshing” cold shower - or more correctly a downpour. Spirits rose nonetheless as the intersection competition got underway with ten sections competing in the first aid, stalk, section attacks and command task stands. The Army Black Section commanded by Phoebe Foxley triumphed ahead of the Marines Blue Section led by Luke Zamoyski-Freitag. The Marines then concluded their exercise with their famous “river run” which not only left one and all thoroughly soaked but wetter than even they thought they could be after the previous night; and indeed smellier. Overall though everyone was a winner having survived and operated under such challenging conditions: such is the value of these events and what a welcome return it was to some level of normality.”

Following the challenging weekend, one cadet echoed the thoughts of many of their peers: “I learnt how to keep a teams’ morale up when everyone was wet and cold and going through a challenge, this developed my leadership and resilience skills. My teamwork was put to work during the command task and the section attacks. I feel I will be more resilient and determined going into future challenges such as the Tough Mudder I am doing later this summer.”

Meanwhile the Navy section cadets spent a day doing adventurous training: mountain biking at Queen Elizabeth Country Park near Portsmouth, where under the expert tuition of RN instructors they learnt how to descend safely and at speed. All gained enormous confidence, and even though they found it tough at times, were able to rise to the challenge.  They also went to the Chichester Canal for paddle boarding and canoeing. The cadets developed new skills and teamwork through a variety of games and challenges and gained an insight into military life. Our NCO, Annabel Kersey, was especially excellent and showed she could successfully encourage and motivate the younger age groups.

All in all, it was another varied, challenging and rewarding Whole Day Enterprises for Canfordians, and despite some Covid restrictions in place, was a fantastic memory for all involved.





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