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Winning debate at Model UN

Winning debate at Model UN
Karen Smith

Over the weekend of 1st and 2nd February, nine Lower Sixth Canfordians joined over 150 pupils from schools in the UK and Europe at Gordon’s School, Woking for a Model United Nations conference.

The Model UN allows pupils to essentially play the part of diplomats and political leaders while learning about the structure of the United Nations.  Over the course of the weekend, pupils debated and discussed global issues through a simulation of conferences such as the General Assembly and United Nations Security Council.  Representing different nations, they take an active role in creating solutions, lobbying for support and discussing their resolutions. It is an excellent way for pupils to learn more about global events and crises. 

There were five committees in this particular conference.  The Disarmament and International Security Committee debated issues such as cyber security and the use of chemical agents for riot control; Economic and Finance which included the topic of money laundering to fund terrorist groups; Environment which examined a ‘throw-away’ culture, overpopulation and sustainable fisheries; Social, Cultural and Humanitarian whose considerations included human trafficking in garment production; and the Security Council which looked at the question of Myanmar and armed aggression in the Congo.

Canfordians have taken part in Model UN conferences for many years, often with excellent recognition for their efforts in awards at the end of the events, and this year was no exception.  All nine of our pupils credited themselves extremely well, with Joe Cox awarded Highly Commended delegate for his representation on the Security Council, and Magnus Crawshaw Outstanding delegate for his role on the Economic and Finance Committee.

Michael Doherty, Head of Careers who organised the Canford entry, commented:

“The MUN is a great way for young people to develop their skills in presentation, negotiation, teamwork and diplomacy, all of which will be very useful to them throughout their lives.  It was a fascinating two days which opened our eyes to the debate surrounding current global issues and our group of pupils thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the chance to meet fellow Sixth Formers at other schools both in this country and abroad.  Thank you to everyone at Gordon’s School for such a well organised and enjoyable two day MUN Conference.”

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