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Do or Die

How can you dare to smother my speech 

With your Pursuit for Progress 

Your honourable mission to set my future ablaze 

So you may enjoy the warmth of your ambition 

The acrid illusion burns 

And another fire is born 

And we scream

As we dream of a world we still refuse to mourn  

Oh I will not demonise  

I know you think you strive to do your best  

But ignorance is destruction not bliss 

And these gates are closing  

With every step towards change that you choose to miss

Yes I speak for the trees

But I also speak for your niece 

The one who inherits a warped and weary world 

And will see her lover die from a “tropical” disease 

I speak for the child I am too afraid to have 

I speak for the farmers already finding that their land 

Can no longer feed them 

Sustain them 

We ourselves have become unsustainable 


Yes we crave absolution 

But smoke has crept into our souls 

And we have become our own pollution 

So you must dare to 


And act 

And change 

We must evolve to survive 

And until you are doing your best 

This cannot be swept aside

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