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Hispanista Magazine

Welcome to Hispanista, the pupil's termly magazine that brings you a step closer to the culture and language of the vast Spanish speaking world.

This first issue has been inspired by the travelling experiences of our Sixth Form pupils as they explored Spain and Latin America over the past months. From language courses in Costa Rica or Spain to immersion courses in Peru, or Canford Partnership trips to Argentina, we hope our readers will find all articles inspirational.  

Beyond travel experiences this issue includes a critical review of Pedro Almodóvar's latest creation Dolor y gloria or Pain and Glory that, we hope, will spark the interest of many in the works of this Oscar-winning director.  

If Despacito took the music charts by storm a couple of years back other Latino artists are now influencing modern music worldwide as our article on the new Latin music evidences.

In a similar manner, our Spanish Culture article evaluates how cultural tendencies and traditions are ever changing  in contemporary Spain.

We have aimed at producing half of the magazine's content in Spanish and half in English with our broader community in mind and we hope this is just the right balance.

As it happens we are already working on the next issue and we also welcome contributions from pupils beyond the Sixth Form to contribute with articles in either language.  If you want to get involved please get in touch by emailing

Happy reading! Esperamos que lo disfrutéis.

The Editorial Team 

To find out more about learning Spanish at Canford, please visit: Spanish Department page 

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