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Preparing for Exam Results

Kristina Symons - Head of Learning Support


As the A level results day draws near, it is likely that you will be wracked with nerves. You will no doubt be fantasizing about the best-case scenario and catastrophizing about the worst-case scenario in equal measure.  

My advice to you is to prepare for both.  

You will have a firm and an insurance choice of university. Make sure you have checked out the accommodation for both. Look at what both universities have to offer. Clubs and societies, culture and social life and know that wherever you go, you will have a great time.  



If you have not achieved the grades for either your firm or your insurance choices, go ahead and have a good cry, if crying helps you. Then pick yourself up, dust yourself off and look at how you can move through this stage.  

You may still be able to go to the university of your choice, so consider looking at similar courses with lower entry requirements. If you have chosen Sports Science, for example, you may be able to study Sports Management instead.  

If you are overwhelmed by the clearing process, consider taking a gap year and reapplying once you have had time to process your situation. Gap years can offer a well needed break from studying and offer opportunities to travel or gain work experience.  



Whatever your results, celebrate what you have achieved. You now have A levels; you have finished school and that is a massive achievement. Remember Canford is proud of you and here to help you whatever the outcome on results day. 

You are a Canfordian.  

Go forth and conquer.