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The Blue Bubble student newspaper - Summer Term 2022

Articles written and edited by Canford School pupils

Editors Statement

The world has become increasingly dark as of late. Academic pursuits seem somewhat trivial in the grand scheme of things, but, in times of turmoil such as these, self-reflection becomes increasingly important. While this edition of the Blue Bubble does touch on the world around us at points, we hope that you find it to be a brief form of escape whilst still being mindful of what exists outside of our Canford bubble.

Ultimately, we want the Blue Bubble to become a marketplace for ideas, where students and teachers can share pearls of wisdom. Whether this be a creative pursuit, like some artwork or poetry, a prep you were particularly proud of or discursive essay you wrote - it is entirely up to you.

So you if would like your piece published in the next edition of the Blue Bubble, please contact us.

Adaya and Alex