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The wellbeing of our pupils is at the heart of all we do at Canford. We pride ourselves upon our warm, supportive and inclusive community, large enough to offer a wealth of opportunity, but small enough for everyone to be known and valued.  In addition to full medical provision plus onsite counselling through our Health Centre, our wellbeing support includes caring House and tutoring systems, mentoring and sleep programmes, nutritious food, and a full visiting speaker programme. Our EDI pupil-led committees champions equity, diversity and inclusion throughout our school community.

Building Healthy Habits For Life

"We want our pupils to aim high and to achieve to the best of their ability but never at the expense of their mental health. The happiness and health of our pupils is of fundamental importance to us. We believe the happier and more secure the pupil, the better their productivity, outcomes and success."

Melissa Clinton, Head of Wellbeing