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Our enriching curriculum includes opportunities for academic and intellectual aspiration alongside an extensive co-curricular programme.  Creativity and self-discovery is encouraged across all ages and ability levels, and the coherence of a Canford education across both academic and co-curricular elements promotes lifelong personal development and self-understanding.


Pupils can join the Army, Navy or Marines divisions of the CCF from Fourth Form

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Canford is welcoming to all regardless of socio-economic background, race, religion, physical ability, gender or sexuality. 

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Festival of Ideas

Each year Canford holds a Festival of Ideas, encouraging pupils and staff to challenge and to listen on a particular theme

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Model UN

Model United Nations, part of Canford's Global Connections programme, has been popular at Canford for many years.

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Peer Mentoring

Often young people prefer to talk to someone their own age about their concerns, offered through peer mentoring

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Pupils supplement their classroom study through academic trips and co-curricular expeditions 

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"I was excited as well as nervous about the start of the expedition, mostly because of the unknown elements. I very much enjoyed the challenge as well as sense of achievement of completing the task." 

Canford Pupil - CCF Norway Expedition