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Sport and Outdoor Activities

We believe that young people need a range of varied and challenging choices at all stages of their education. The skills, habits and behaviours developed by our co-curricular programme will carry over into the classroom and have a hugely positive effect.   They are just as important as the academic skills when it comes to life beyond formal education. 

Our sports and outdoor activities offer challenge and tremendous fun.  We aim to build a programme which highlights the personal qualities being developed and encourages pupils to reflect on what they are achieving in terms of skills and behaviours, not just outcomes.  It is overseen by Dr David Neill, Deputy Head Co-curricular.

Athletics at Canford

“Canford has always been supportive of my swimming and helped me to balance my academic work with my sport. As a result I have been able to reach my potential in both”

Canford Academic and Sports Scholar

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“Opportunities and experiences that last a lifetime.”

Sebastian, Upper Sixth

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Our People


Sixth Form pupil, Head of School and England U19 Cricketer

Sample Student

Fourth Form boarding pupil and cricketer

Robbie Hemmings swimming

Upper Sixth pupil and British Swimming team athlete


Fourth Form boarding pupil


Maths Teacher, Rowing coach, CCF Contingent Commander and Staff Common Room President

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