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At Canford we strongly believe that sport, and team sports in particular, help develop the life skills that are hugely important in our pupils' future careers and lives. 



Tony Diprose - Director of Sport and Physical Wellbeing

The aim of the Canford sports programme is to inspire a generation of Canford pupils to achieve their potential in sport and to promote their physical wellbeing throughout their lives. 

Self-confidence, resilience, teamwork and a sense of achievement are qualities readily transferable to other areas of their lives and that is why all the pupils are involved in sport at some level. It is particularly relevant in a pupils first year at the school where it is a valuable aid to a sense of belonging.

"An afternoon of sport at Canford, seeing pupils partaking in a wide array of activities across the park, hearing the fun and laughter echo around is a highlight of my week. " 

“Our programme must offer all of our pupils the chance to explore the opportunities that sport offers, allow them to express themselves through their physical wellbeing activities and facilitate those who wish to excel in their chosen path.”

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