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Canford Sports Centre


The Sports Centre continues to welcome back returning members and we hope that the new measures in place have reassured you that we are keeping you safe whilst providing our facilities and services.

As the centre gets busier, we do appreciate that there is more demand on the limited spaces that we have. Whilst maintaining social distancing remains an essential requirement of the sports centre operation, we have planned some adjustments to cater for an increase of members. We have risk assessed and planned carefully to ensure that we continue to comply with government guidelines, Swim England guidance, UKactive and the relevant bodies of each sport that we offer.

We are pleased to see many of you booking online, which can be done through our website;

Please note, in the interest of all members, whilst sessions are busier it is even more important that you cancel your swim if you are not able or intending to use the space. We will remind you if you do miss a session but please note that numerous reminders may lead to a restriction in your booking rights.

In the pool we are able to open up 2 more spaces per swim and add an additional swim session in the mornings due to the efficiency of our cleaning, the promptness of you the members, and your support with vacating the changing rooms on time. Swim times will be for 60 mins but with only 15 mins in between each session. We ask that members vacate the changing rooms 5 mins after their swim session has officially finished. We appreciate that this is a short time to shower and change but ask that you leave the pool earlier if you would like more time in the changing rooms. Unfortunately after reviewing health and safety guidelines and increased staffing demands on dryside we cannot open the whole pool for members swimming.

In the gym, due to members continuing to thoroughly wipe down their own equipment after use, and extra staff coverage and cleaning the equipment, we are able to run sessions back to back for a few hours before we complete a deeper clean. We will be opening the gym earlier at 6.30 and allowing members to book back to back sessions if they would like to train for more than 60 mins. We are reducing the maximum number of members in the space at anyone time but putting more sessions on to accommodate. To facilitate these extra sessions we ask that members continue to wipe down their equipment after every use.

The main changes to operations are;

As of Wednesday 7th October;

  • 12 spaces on each swim session (applicable from Wednesday 7th Oct). 
  • Indoor 5 aside football remains prohibited at the moment.
  • Badminton remains unaffected as long as court bookings do not mix. For larger group bookings of Badminton, they must stick to a court for the whole session. They cannot mix or mingle in between games.
  • Group fitness class space remains limited to numbers that we deem safe. These classes are unaffected by the governments ‘Rule of 6’ legislation as all participants remain a social distance from each other.
  • Track and Trace QR codes are available on reception and other entry points. These are for use with the official NHS track and trace app.

We ask that face masks are worn by all on entry to the sports centre. They can then be removed once you are at your booked activity. 


All members must continue to book their activities in advance. 

Register for online bookings here:

Once registered please make your online bookings here

New session times from Monday 19th October;

Pool times:



 8.45-9.45 10.00-11.00  11.15-12.15  12.30-13.30 18.30-19.30   20.00-21.00  


8.15-9.15 9.45-10.45 11.15-12.15 12.45-13.45


9.00-10.00 10.30-11.30 12.00-13.00 13.30-14.30


Gym times:



7.30-8.30 8.30-9.30 10.00-11.00 11.00-12.00     12.00-13.00 18.15-19.30 20.00-21.15


8.00-9.00 9.00-10.00 10-11.00 11.30-12.30 12.30-13.30


9.00-10.00 10.00-11.00 11.00-12.00 12.30-13.30 13.30-14.30



The Canford Sports Centre offers a wide range of sports, health and fitness facilities.  It is the perfect venue for competitive sports. The facilities for sports, health and fitness related activities are second to none in the area. 

All this and more, located in the beautiful surroundings of Canford School, Wimborne, is available in this tranquil environment at remarkably affordable rates.

Included in the range of facilities available is a comprehensively equipped fitness suite, a 25m heated indoor pool, a studio room with a varied class timetable, and one of the largest sports halls in the region.