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Tailored Fitness

We offer a unique and complimentary 3-phase induction process at the Canford Sports Centre. Upon joining comes the first phase. We will arrange an appointment for you with one of our REPs accredited Fitness Trainer’s to complete the necessary Pre-Activity Readiness Questionnaires and discuss your goals and targets for exercise. We will take some basic health & fitness measurements in order to assess your present fitness status.

Having established what you want to achieve from your membership and programme, the Trainer will go away and design the best programme to meet your needs. A few days later you enter the second phase. You will meet again with your Trainer who will take you through a step by step approach to performing the exercises within your programme and allow you time to try each one for yourself. The focus of this session is to achieve technical correctness and give you the confidence to proceed.

Phase 3 of the process occurs 2-4 weeks into your membership. For this, you and your Trainer will review the programme together and discuss any changes you or the Trainer may suggest. At this point, exercises may be changed, weights may be increased or decreased and other components of fitness incorporated into your programme.

But the support doesn’t end there. If at any time you wish to have your programme reviewed simply call at Reception and arrange an appointment with your Trainer. We always recommend you arrange a review every 6-8 weeks.