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Terms and Conditions

The applicant is asked to read and consider carefully all of what follows prior to signing this agreement. In signing this agreement the applicant accepts the contents completely and agrees to be bound by them and has taken all such independent advice on the contents as he / she wishes. Cheneford Ltd is the name of Canford School's trading company that operates the facilities of Canford Sports Centre, which is also referred to as 'the Sports Centre' and 'Centre'.  Payments are made to Cheneford Ltd.

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This allows use of the fitness suite; selected fitness  classes; tennis courts (summer only); swimming pool.

This allows use of the fitness suite, swimming pool, and  tennis courts (summer only).

c) SWIMMING ONLY MEMBERSHIP                                                                                                                                                                          This allows use of the swimming pool. 

d) When applying for partner membership proof must be shown of joint residence, e.g. bank statements.

e) When applying for membership proof of age and educational status may be required where necessary.  

f)  The sports hall is available on a 'pay and play' basis to all members .



a) Joining fees  (All fees are inclusive of VAT)
All members must pay an initial one-off joining fee which covers an induction session into use of the fitness suite and Centre administration costs. This fee must be paid immediately and is non-refundable: £50 - individual, £80 - individual & partner [Additional £25 for every other family dependent]. 

b) Subscriptions
The applicable subscription may be paid to the end of the relevant membership year in either the form of a lump sum payment or by monthly standing order payments. Subscription fees will only change at the end of a membership year and such change will be communicated to all current members.

c) Pro-rata subscriptions
Persons joining the Centre during the membership year will pay a pro-rata subscription equal to the relevant monthly subscription rate times the number of months remaining in the current membership year (including the month of enrolment). For example, if you join any time during July you will have to pay three times the monthly subscription fee (representing subscription payments for all of July, August and September). 



a) Upgrade of membership will be permitted subject to availability of membership within the requested category and the relevant fees being paid.  

b) Downgrade of memberships will only be permitted when a member is renewing   a membership.

c) In the event of a membership subscription lapsing for any month the member will be liable to pay that month's subscription within 14 days of the sending of a notification letter from Canford Sports Centre.  Failure to do so will result in the immediate withdrawal of the individual's membership.  There will be no refund on the joining fee or previous monthly subscriptions. If membership subscriptions are late for a second time within the same membership season then that member must pay the remaining fees for the season within 14 days of receiving the request from the Sports Administrator.

d) Canford Sports Centre reserves the right to, at any time, refuse any application for membership, to cancel or suspend the membership of any member and refuse admission to any member or guest of a member where there are reasonable grounds for doing so.   

e) Members are expected to observe all rules and regulations established by the Sports Centre. Continued disregard of said rules and regulations will result in the cancellation of membership and the forfeiting of the joining fee and any membership fees already paid.

f) All members are allowed to bring guests to the Sports Centre.   All guests must be signed in and relevant fee paid.

g) Members are responsible for their guests being aware of, and adhering to, all club rules and regulations. The member’s membership could be suspended or cancelled if their guest’s behaviour is unreasonable or the guest fails to adhere to such rules and regulations. 

h) Members can bring guest(s) to play tennis but each guest must pay a £3 fee each time.  It is the responsibility of the member to ensure this fee is paid at reception in the Sports Centre.  Failure to do so will result in suspension of membership.

For security reasons members:-
i)  must carry their cards at all times 

ii)  are prohibited from walking around the school grounds without permission.

iii) are requested to depart the grounds immediately after using the Sports Centre. 

j) Canford Sports Centre reserves the right to change the published programme and timetable at any time.

k) Membership cards will be issued to all current members and are to be shown to gain entry to the Sports Centre. Membership cards are not transferable and any membership card being used by a person other than the authorised member will result in the cancellation of the authorised user’s membership without a refund of joining fee or subscription paid. Replacement of a lost card will result in a charge of £5.

l) Canford Sports Centre cannot be held responsible for any loss of property or damage to property suffered by any person using the centre unless it arises from some negligence or deliberate act on the part of the Sports Centre.

m) The facilities of the Sports Centre may only be used during the normal opening hours determined by the Centre.



a) Annual membership shall be paid on a monthly standing order basis or in the form of a lump sum. Membership is for 12 months from the date of joining.

b) Membership must be renewed within 2 weeks of the expiery date. Failure to do so will incur a new joining fee.

c) Membership may be terminated by a member in extenuating circumstances.  However one months notice must be given for any cancellation of membership.

d) Any member wishing to place their membership on hold for medical or business reasons, can do so but must pay a retainer fee of £8.00 per month for each month the membership remains on hold.



a) Members are responsible for monitoring their own physical condition throughout any activity undertaken at the Centre and should any unusual symptoms occur they must immediately refrain from participation in the activity until otherwise instructed.

b) The member accepts that, in the absence of negligence on the part of Canford Sports Centre, they will hold blameless Canford Sports Centre and any of its employees, instructors or agents (including any independent contractor) for any damages resulting from, but not limited to, injury or death incurred during or arising from any activity undertaken at the Centre.

c) The member will comply with all the rules relating to use of the fitness suite, swimming pool and other facilities, copies of which are immediately available from and on display around the Centre.

d) Use of the fitness suite is prohibited to any person under 16 years of age.



a) All members must undergo an induction course into use of the fitness suite.

b) All members will be required to answer an exercise and health questionnaire before using the fitness suite.

c) Specific exercise programmes based on the information given in the exercise and health questionnaire are available to members on request.

d) The member must inform Canford Sports Centre of any subsequent change to the information originally supplied on the exercise and health questionnaire.

e) In certain circumstances, Canford Sports Centre staff may require additional medical information from the member’s general practitioner in order that the correct and safe exercise programme can be prescribed. In these circumstances the member will be asked to obtain, at his / her own expense, the required written information from their general practitioner.

f) The exercise programme is designed to gradually increase the workload of the members cardio respiratory system and the reaction of the member’s cardio respiratory system to the exercise programme cannot be predicted with complete accuracy. The member must accept that there is a risk that adverse effects may be experienced before, during or after participation in the exercise programme including abnormalities of heart rate and / or blood pressure.


7. Canford Sports Centre reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions by issuing 30 days notice of the alterations to members.