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Real Tennis and Squash

Canford School boasts one of the few Real tennis courts in England. The court dates back to 1879, when it was built by Sir Ivor Bertie Guest, then Lord Wimborne.  The game of Real Tennis itself goes back at least to the days when the monks played in their monastery courtyards in the 11th Century.

Today the court is actively used, 70 hours a week, by both Canford pupils and by it's 155 outside club members. Every pupil is given the opportunity to experience Real Tennis, they can then choose to play it either as a voluntary activity or occasionally as a main sport.   There have been many successes, including David Harms winning the British Amateur Open in 2007. Our best player to date is James Willcocks who is vying to be the World No1 amateur.  Canford are dominating the Henry Leaf Cup at the moment and look as if they will continue to do so for some while yet.

Canford School is very fortunate to have two professionals: Steve Ronaldson (Head Professional) and James Ryan (Assistant).

To book a real tennis court please go to:​  To book a squash court please go to: or contact Steve Ronaldson or James Ryan on 01202 881232.