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From The Headmaster

Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path, and leave a trail.Ralph Waldo Emerson

These are sage words, but can be hard to live up to. It is all too easy to play safe and go with the flow. We have to reflect carefully, and often, on whether we are using our intellectual, physical and creative powers to the full to make a real difference to our lives as individuals, and to the communities in which we live.

We want our pupils to encounter formative experiences through their education in the academic, co-curricular and pastoral aspects of their time here.  These in turn will lead them to question, to make decisions and to act vigorously, both as individuals and through their engagement with others.

Such characteristics are crucial if our pupils are going to make the most of their own future, and contribute all they can to the world in which they live.  If they don’t aim high, they will fall short.  Life is full of challenges, and we want to equip Canfordians with the confidence and resilience to embrace and overcome them. 

Alongside ambition and strength of character, we seek to instil a deep understanding of the wider moral and social responsibilities that arise from living and working with others. This is embodied in the vision, aims and ethos of the school and articulated further in the Essence of Canford publications. These principles, values and qualities underpin everything we do and help to forge the strong bonds between staff, pupils and parents which are a fundamental feature of Canford life.  Education is and has to be a partnership driven by mutual respect, trust and a willingness to work together for a better future.

Life here is multi-dimensional and no website or prospectus can fully capture the spirit of Canford. The only way to get a genuine feel for what we believe in and what we do is to visit, and meet the people who are the beating heart of the school.

I look forward to meeting you.

Ben Vessey

Welcome From the Headmaster

Lockdown and Beyond

I have been involved, for various reasons, in phoning headteachers both of state and independent schools, and the difference in 'offer' during this period can be enormous.  Canford independent school is the best I have come across and if you want an example of what can be provided, I suggest you look at Canford.Leading educationalist to the Government Education Select Committee