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Archive Catalogue

ARTEFACTS Items of school uniform, badges, medals, trophies.
BUILDING PROJECTS Plans, appeal leaflets and brochures, photographs.
MINUTES OF GOVERNORS' MEETINGS Minutes of all meetings since the foundation.
NEWSPAPER AND MAGAZINE ARTICLES Stories and articles about Canford that have appeared in the local and national press over the years.
OLD CANFORDIAN SOCIETY REPORTS AND NEWSLETTERS Membership records since 1927, society minutes, newsletters and the Old Canfordian Magazine.
PROGRAMMES Programmes of various kinds dating from the 1923 to the present day, including programmes Speech Days, drama productions, concerts, sports events, religious services and miscellaneous others .
PICTURE LIBRARY Many hundreds of photographs reflecting aspects of school life, including staff, pupils, buildings, plays and concerts, Speech Days, sports days and other events. An extensive electronic picture library is being developed.
PROSPECTUSES AND INFORMATION BOOKLETS Prospectuses from 1923 to the present day. They contain details of the school curriculum, extra-curricular activities, teaching staff and school facilities. Later issues include photographs of the school, the staff and pupils.
PUBLICATIONS Various school papers and magazines, including house magazines, pupil papers and creative writing compilations, ranging widely in their degree of formality.
PUPIL RECORDS Pupil files from 1923.  Post-war records contain information such as examination results. More recent records have been digitised.
SCHOOL MAGAZINES A complete set of hard copies of the Canfordian. Electronic copies from 1923 – 2005 are available online.
SCHOOL ROLLS A complete set, recording pupils’ forms, houses, age and term of entry.

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