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Archive Overview

Archives are a site’s memory. Without archives we lack a full understanding of what forces have shaped our site. An individual with no memory is dysfunctional. An organization that lacks a sense of itself over time is equally handicapped. Diane Vogt-O'Connor, Chief of Conservation, Library of Congress

Canford School was founded in 1923.  It was formerly the home of Lord Wimborne.  Housed in the middle room of the Victoria Tower, the Archive Room contains the records of the school's activities and administration since its foundation. The collection includes annual school rolls and calendars, a complete set of the school magazine - The Canfordian, and many other items which reflect the daily life of the school. Also included in the archives are many photographs, some of Canford in the days before it became a school.

The Archivist, Richard Knott, is keen to add to this collection and therefore is always happy to receive Canford memorabilia. Should you have any items relating to your time at the school that you no longer wish to keep, please either send them to Richard at the school or contact him to make arrangements. He would also welcome reminiscences from former staff and pupils about their time at Canford and about any memorable people. If you are sending photographs it would be helpful if names could be attached where possible.

Our Archivist is particularly interested in receiving items listed in the document below. He also has some spare copies of items from the Archives that he is happy for Old Canfordians to have (on a first come, first served basis) Please email or call Richard.

Missing Archive Items

Archive items available for OCs

Enquiries and requests should be directed to:

Richard Knott, School Archivist,

Canford School, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 3AD

Telephone: 01202 847441