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Policies, Inspections and Reviews

The children are very natural and grounded.  Nice teenagers with few affectations.  I think my children shall become friendly, kind, genuine adults.

Tatler Awards 2019

Canford was thrilled to be crowned Public School of the Year at the 2019 Tatler Schools Guide awards, selected from top Public Schools from across the UK.

Boarding School of the Year

Boarding School of the Year and Highly Commended Co-educational School of the Year 2018 - Independent School Parent

TES Community Awards - Finalist

Finalist - TES Independent-State School Partnership and Whole School Community Initiative of the Year 2019

It is such a privilege for a child to be educated at Canford. The school has managed to instil a sense of appreciating that privilege without the arrogance that can accompany a private education at some other top boarding schools.