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Two or three times a term, at intervals of three or four weeks, assessments are given for each pupil on the basis of their work since the last assessment was made. There are three categories of assessment: attainment, effort in written work, and classroom behaviour.

These three grades are designed to help school, pupil, and parent monitor the progress of each pupil. Parents will be able to access the assessments on the Parent Portal shortly after they are published, and will be emailed when they are ready to view.   Pupils will go through the assessments with their tutor in the course of the following week.  The assessment process aims to ensure that any issues or concerns are picked up and addressed quickly and should be a proactive and positive experience.

Assessment Criteria


1 = Excellent standard

2 = Good standard

3 = Moderate standard

4 = Below expected standard

5 = Well below expected standard


Pupils are given a target grade (in the U6th form this is the UCAS grade) and then the teacher uses all the evidence available to them to give a projection as to the most likely grade the pupil is currently on track for.

1 = Well above expectation. 

Always completes work to the best of their ability. Independently researches into the subject. Undertakes optional extension work

2 = Above expectation. 

Completes work to the best of their ability. Reviews and consolidates what they have learnt and actively seeks to improve. 

3 = Meeting Expectation.

Does what is required but no more. Prep is handed in on time. 

4 = Not yet at expected level.

Prep is of variable quality or sometimes late. Fails to consolidate learning effectively. 

5 = Well below expectation.

Prep is often of poor quality or late. A substantial lack of detail in work. 

1 = Well above expectation.

Enthusiastic, keen and always willing to learn. Perseveres with the subject (not afraid of difficulties). Is willing to try and also help others achieve.

2 = Above expectation.

Finds ways to contribute in lessons. Willing to ask for clarification when unsure.

3 = Meeting Expectation.

Does not distract others. Remains focused throughout lessons.

4 = Not yet at expected level.

Occasionally unfocused in lessons. Distracts others at times. Sometimes late to lessons.

5 = Well below expectation.

Needs constant reminders to focus. Disruptive. Often late to lessons. 

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