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Art Staff

Nicola Will

Head of Art
BA (Hons) Contemporary Crafts (Manchester Met.)
PGCE (Arts Institute Bournemouth)
MA Fashion (Arts University Bournemouth)

Having graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with BA Hons Contemporary Crafts Nicola has exhibited illustration, print and textiles nationally and in the USA, and has also produced commercial work in collaboration. Her creative work is often driven by process, particularly textiles and mixed media, although drawing is central to her practice. Having studied MA Fashion the focus of her design utilises everyday objects and experiences and celebrates the imperfections of life.

Robert Harrison

BA Hons (Brighton Polytechnic)
ATC Art Teachers Certificate (University of Sussex)

Joined Canford September 2019. Further details to follow.

Jay Jones

BA (Falmouth School of Art), PGCE (Roehampton)

The latest exhibition of Jay's work, exhibited as 'Spotted' in the Coldstream Gallery, continued her love of repeating and re-interpreting old, found images and objects with their aura of nostalgia.

She uses ink, layers of paint and varnish to gradually obscure her original sources and re-combines them to make new compositions. This re-combining and deliberate blurring and fading of the imagery suggests the incomplete experience of remembering. Motifs such as meticulously repeated spots, dogs and bright bursts of colour are reflections of Jay’s playful obsession with the process of interpreting and making.

Dylan Lloyd

BA (Falmouth College of Arts)
PGCE (University of Cardiff)

In 2002 I produced a set of twenty paintings from the parkland at Canford School, Dorset. This was my first figurative project since leaving Falmouth School of Art in 1994. I returned to abstract painting before starting a new series of work in 2005 that focused on a small area of my garden in front of my shed, where my children play and help to plant and tend the flowers. The first set of these paintings was shown in Winchester in 2006 and has since continued to be a major focus for me. The work is a documentation of growth, change and development of the direct world around me. Members of my family appear in some of the paintings but their suggested presence is in all the work.

The link with photography is important in the painting. The exaggerated depth of field and pixilated elements of the work link closely with photography and give the work associations with time and history.