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The Chemistry Department aims to provide pupils with a safe, enjoyable and purposeful experience of Chemistry which will enable them to appreciate Chemistry in the world in which they live, to provide a chemical input into their general education both in school and in later life, and to provide them with examination results of which they are proud and which will allow them to proceed to the next stage of their education.

In order to achieve these aims the Chemistry Department seeks to provide facilities, teaching and courses which provide the best environment for learning, a stimulating atmosphere in which pupils' interest is quickened and where they are safe to involve themselves in abundant practical work and to apply their knowledge to their everyday life.

Chemistry is housed in five specialist laboratories and a seminar room. Laboratories are divided into separate 'wet' and 'dry' areas to facilitate the practical content of lessons. Practical work is fundamental to the subject and is used to enhance pupils' learning. Sixth Formers keep track of all their practicals in a lab book.  They also have the opportunity to visit Southampton University to enhance their practical skills by performing an undergraduate experiment.  ICT skills are encouraged via exercises which  are integrated into the scheme of work.  

Chemistry is a very popular subject at Canford with almost all lower school pupils studying the subject and over 100 sixth formers. In recent years, around 60% of IGCSE gardes have been A* and over 60% A*/A at A Level. Also a number of Canfordians have won places at Oxford or Cambridge to read pure Chemistry or its related subjects.

Careers in Chemistry are everywhere too. From space research to the depths of the world's oceans, chemists are involved in collecting vital information. This means that knowledge of Chemistry will give you a greater understanding of the world you live in and could lead to a career which is exciting and enjoyable with lots of variety and opportunities. You may be surprised to know that chemists also work in banking, law, publishing and accountancy.