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The Layard Theatre is home to the busy Drama Department, which currently has around seventy pupils studying Drama and Theatre Arts at GCSE, AS and A Level.  The building provides a dynamic classroom - an exciting environment in which to study and explore both practically and academically.

All pupils have stage potential and their involvement facilitates the development of a wide range of skills and disciplines.  Drama is a powerful unifying force which encourages confidence and teamwork and brings out the best in young people, as well as being fun and providing the opportunity for a real sense of achievement.


The teaching aims to cater for a full range of ability, personality and temperament, so all individuals can realise their potential without losing sight of the responsibilities involved in role play, or of the need to examine critically the implications of 'playing a part'.


Pupils are also expected, through practical activities and the study and investigation of plays, to develop an understanding of the purposes of drama socially, culturally, historically and educationally, and to explore the way in which a playwright's intentions can be realised on the stage.


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