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Within the Economics and Business department, Economics is a subject with a focus on the present and future, rather than on what has gone before. As a predictive science it sets out to analyse and advise on the impact of policies and events on the economic well-being of the local, national and international population. 

This requires an enquiring and challenging approach to ideas, a willingness to use models and data to reach conclusions and a confidence to make judgements verbally and on paper, based on as broad an awareness of the world around as can be obtained. This implies a need for a real understanding of current affairs, of the human condition and of the methods available to improve that condition.

Economics at Canford is taught in that spirit of enquiry and challenge, through debate and argument backed by rigorous analysis.

The ability to build a case, hold an argument and defend it robustly from firm foundations of knowledge and empathy lead to the capacity to produce powerful solutions to problems that lie at the heart of the department's superb A*/A pass rate at A level.

Many Canford economists go on to pursue the subject, often paired with a wide range of other disciplines in joint honours courses, at prestigious universities because they see the role capable economists are empowered to play in the modern world. Operating in parallel with the Business Studies department and using the same staff, there is a strong body of professional experience delivering the economics of the real world.