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From an early age I never understood people who weren't interested in History. How can I know who I am unless I know where I've come from? History is about us.

Tony Robinson, Blackadder's Baldrick and presenter of Time Team

Our History courses offer our pupils the chance to study events that have shaped the world as it is today and to learn the skills needed to develop a critical understanding of how and why these events happen. 

History is also an excellent foundation for many popular careers, including journalism, law, business, civil service, broadcasting, accountancy, teaching, publishing, personnel management.

Our over-riding aims in our teaching at different levels in the school are: 

  • To stimulate interest in and enthusiasm for the study of History.
  • To promote knowledge and understanding of the past.
  • To promote understanding of historical concepts.
  • To promote the development of a variety of skills, which have wide application inside and outside the study of History.
  • To encourage pupils to pursue their study of the subject successfully to the highest level of which they are capable.

History includes a phenomenal amount of transferable skills. The raw material after all is uniquely human beings. What a good History student is doing is coping with a lot of diverse human-being-centred information & interpreting it, and that's what life throws at people,and what jobs throw at people.

Christopher Andrew, Professor of History, Cambridge University.

The Department is located on the ground floor of the Lovell Block.  We have an extensive Departmental Library which supplements the excellent History section in the main School Library. We have an ever-growing Video Library which currently contains over 1,000 programmes.