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In the Maths department at Canford, we aim to encourage all pupils to enjoy studying this subject, to achieve as full an understanding of its rich simplicities as they are able, and to maximise their potential in examinations.

We believe that Maths should be enjoyable as well as challenging and we are very proud that Maths is a popular subject at Canford.

Over 90 pupils have selected to study Maths or Further Maths in the Lower Sixth for 2016/17 out of a year group of about 130.  Extensive use is made of specialist software to bring Maths to life and improve understanding.  Otherwise our teaching tends to be traditional:  we teach for understanding and reinforce this with plenty of class practice, marked homework and tests.

Pupils have access to Maths clinics outside of lesson time, with one-to-one support from a teacher. These run four times a week, and are available to both lower and upper school pupils. Pupils can also join either the junior maths society, Galois’ Bullet, or attend the senior SMAC (Science, Maths and Computing) meetings that are held regularly throughout the year.