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With over 100 million speakers, German is the most widely spoken language in Europe. Germany, Austria and Switzerland are great cultural and historical locations and, with their strong economies and big companies, there are many opportunities for degree study, apprenticeships, and employment. Learning German combines developing all-round language skills with enhancing pupils’ knowledge of Germanic civilisation and popular culture and is highly rated among universities and international employers.

German at Canford is taught through a range of mediums and methods, including the latest textbooks, cultural resources and exam materials, the school’s Gateway, up-to-date articles and news reports, audio-visual resources, music, the latest films and ICT. All modern languages classrooms are equipped with a computer, an interactive whiteboard and a data projector. Our teaching approach is a mixture of interactive and communicative methods backed up by academic and linguistic rigour to ensure maximum progress and enjoyment.

Pupils also benefit from a monthly German film club, trips to Cologne, Munich and Berlin, cultural celebrations (European Day of Languages, Day of German Unity, Fall of Berlin Wall, St. Nicholas Day and Fasching). We have individual exchange links and also set pupils up on intensive language courses at Eurocentres and the Goethe Institute.

Some pupils have also gone on to complete work experience and apprenticeships in Germany and almost all pupils in the Sixth Form end up studying German as part of their degree course at Russell Group universities.

Recent combinations with German have been English, Spanish, French, Law, Economics, Chemistry, Accounting, Finance, Politics, European Studies and Engineering.