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Philosophy Syllabus

GCSE Fourth Form (changes from September 2016)

In the Fourth Form pupils cover topics such as: The Origins of the Universe, Abortion, Crime and Punishment. The syllabus also includes theological research on Hindu and Christian belief(s), teaching(s) and practice(s).

GCSE Fourth Form

In the Fourth Form, pupils will look at the beliefs, teachings and practices of Christianity, as well as philosophical and ethical thematic themes. 

GCSE Fifth Form

In the Fifth Form, pupils will look at the beliefs, teachings and practices of Hinduism, as well as philosophical and ethical thematic themes.

A Level

The AQA A Level course is very popular and our students enjoy debating a wide range of material. The course is divided into two components taught over two years, detailed below:

Component 1: Philosophy of Religion and Ethics

Pupils study a range of issues and are encouraged to have an open mind when discussing complex and sensitive questions relating to religion and ethics.

Topics include: Arguments for God’s Existence, Evil and Suffering, Issues of Human and Animal Life and Death, and Issues of Free Will, Moral Responsibility and Conscience.

Component 2: Study of Religion and Dialogues

Pupils will study one major religion, and will enter into discussions on ethics and philosophy relating to that religion. At Canford the focus is on Christianity.

Topics include: Expression of Religious Identity, Religion and Science, Religion and Secularisation, and Self, Death and the Afterlife.

The Dialogue section of the specification is focused on the connections between various elements of the course and requires students to develop breadth and depth in their understanding of the connections between the knowledge, understanding and skills set out in the specification. Our pupils will be required to demonstrate a critical awareness of the dialogue between Christianity and philosophy and the dialogue between Christianity and ethics.

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