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Physical Education

Pupils sometimes mistakenly come to this subject feeling that they will chase a ball around for two years. They soon get a rude awakening when they realise how much theory there is! Much of the enjoyment of this subject comes from the wide variety of areas covered spanning the complete academic spectrum from the scientific to the humanities based.

Nick Baugniet - Head of Academic PE

Physical Education is a multi-disciplinary subject that combines the science based (anatomy, physiology, mechanics of movement) with the sociological (ethics, media, diversity, history) and the psychological (personality, motivation, learning). This broad spectrum of topics provides a thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile GCSE and A Level specification, with a testing and interesting academic content.

Past pupils have used this course to go on to study a wide variety of degrees at university, ranging from sports-based courses to those totally unrelated. A spread of recent examples are Sport & Exercise Science, Physiotherapy, Land Management, Theology and Medicine. The universities our students go on to attend are similarly diverse.

The coursework component of studying Physical Education at Canford sits nicely alongside our games programme, enabling our pupils to reflect upon their current sports performance and what they can do to improve. It will introduce them to new activities and to the use of self-analysis.

We currently have over 100 pupils taking exam PE. A Level Physical Education has been taught at Canford for over 20 years and has been a very successful subject, with the GCSE option being taught since September 2016.

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