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PE Course Syllabus

GCSE Physical Education

Paper 1: 30% 

  • The human body and movement in physical activity and sport
  • Subject content: applied anatomy and physiology, movement analysis, physical training, use of data
  • Written exam: 1 hour 15 mins

Paper 2: 30%

  • Socio-cultural influences and well-being in physical activity and sport
  • Subject content: sports psychology, socio-cultural influences, health and wellbeing, use of data 
  • Written exam: 1 hour 15 minutes

Coursework: 40%

  • Practical performance in physical activity and sport
  • Practical performance in three different physical activities (one team game, one individual activity and one other sport)
  • A written analysis and evaluation of the performance of one activity
  • Assessed by Canford staff, moderated by the exam board
A Level Physical Education

Paper 1: 35% 

  • Applied anatomy and physiology
  • Skill acquisition
  • Sport and society
  • Written exam: 2 hours

Paper 2: 35%

  • Exercise physiology and biomechanics
  • Sport psychology
  • Sport and society and technology in sport
  • Written exam: 2 hours

Coursework: 30%

  • Pupils assessed as a performer or coach in one sport
  • An extended written analysis of performance 

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