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Politics Course Syllabus

Modern politics is experiencing considerable flux, upheaval, and change. Now is perhaps the best time to make sense of unfolding recent and current events.  

The new syllabus reflects the broad changes to all A Levels required by the HM Secretary of State for Education, and is also a development of the successful syllabus Edexcel has offered since 2000. 

The new syllabus is designed to meet the needs of newcomers to the subject. It is presumed pupils choosing Government and Politics will not have formal previous exposure to the subject - no GCSE in the subject exists-but it is assumed the prospective pupil of Government and Politics will have the curiosity, interest, and aptitude to study the subject. The syllabus provides a foundation for British and American Politics and intellectually stretches pupils as they progress to their exams. Government and Politics has the rigour, standing and gravity of similar A Levels, such as History or English.

The syllabus is topical: pupils are expected to closely follow unfolding current political events for the duration of the course.

Consistent with all A Levels, the new Government and Politics A-Level will be a two year course. Assessment in the summer of the Upper 6th year will comprise three exam papers of 2 hours duration each. 

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