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Theme Weeks

Each year Canford holds a Festival of Ideas, with the aim of encouraging all pupils and staff to share and discuss, to challenge and to listen based on a particular pertinent theme.  We want all Canfordians to be curious in their learning, to embrace new ideas and develop the resilience to have such ideas challenged in turn.   We live in increasingly complex and turbulent times.  The modern world is continuously asking new questions of the individual in society.  The answers to these questions will not come from closed minded or tribal thinking. The answers will come from listening to and learning from a genuinely diverse range of perspectives. Maybe, just maybe, the seeds of the ideas that will change the world tomorrow will be sown over the course of the next few days.

Jamie Ings, Head of Enrichment

Learning is multi-faceted and for it to have real meaning and to be truly enduring we must reflect whenever we can on how our own learning is intertwined through countless different experiences and contexts throughout our lives. 

Ben Vessey

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Canford Festival of Ideas

Fifth Form Post GCSE cultural programme

In addition to these annual weeks, each summer the Fifth Form take part in a Post GCSE cultural programme designed to immerse them in the culture and history of our country beyond the constraints of their exam preparation.  Pupils visit local and national museums, theatres and other places of cultural interest on a particular theme, and present their findings to their peers in an event in the Layard Theatre at the end of the summer term.

A Cultural Cornucopia

A Cultural Odyssey

Cultural Encounters