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Black History Month

from the headmaster

Whilst our broad and varied curriculum has engaged with issues of equality, diversity and inclusion in different ways we recognise that there is much more we need to do in this regard. This year’s focus on Black History Month is part of our ongoing efforts to develop and embed in our school community a deeper awareness and understanding of and engagement with such important issues. In 2020 we have seen issues of race and the problematic legacy of institutional racism come to dominate the headlines.  These events have provoked a great deal of frank and honest reflection across society at large and at Canford.  

As a school community we must always be looking to listen, learn and improve our understanding of the world around us so that we can engage with those issues in an informed and constructive manner, and thus make a positive difference to our world. Following the events of the summer, Pupil Leaders expressed a desire to bring together the educational events of Black History Month into this single, coherent and clear programme, and we plan for this to be a part of our ongoing educational offering in the years to come.  I hope that this will not only help to raise awareness of what is going on around school, but encourage Canfordians to draw connections across the many ways in which Black History has permeated and influenced the subjects they study.  

I hope you will read this programme with interest and embrace this opportunity with curiosity and enthusiasm. 


from our pupil leaders

For the first time ever, we have brought together all the events going on to mark Black History Month into one programme. For those who do not know, BHM is a month to celebrate and highlight the History and achievements of the British black community and their contributions to the UK. 

As Equality and Diversity pupil leaders, we challenge everybody to go out of their way to learn, immerse themselves into the events on offer and take their experiences with them after this. 

Thank you to Mr Marriott for helping to put this idea into reality and to everybody running events or helping to organise it. I hope that this event will help to be an important part of Canford’s increasing focus on equality and diversity in the years to come. 

Equality and Diversity Pupil Leaders

BHM Updates

For updates please visit the Canford School Instagram page for BHM story highlights

Black History Month

programme of events

A choir recording for BHM

The Chapel choir have been working hard to prepare a rousing chorus of ‘Mine eyes have seen the coming of the glory of the Lord’.

Sometimes known as ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic’, the words were penned by a significant abolitionist, Julia Ward Howe during the American Civil war to be sung by the soldiers fighting for the Union.

‘Let us live to make men free’.

Some recommendations for you

Black History in Dorset

As part of Black History Month, the History department ran a Black History of Dorset workshop where pupils investigated the Black History of Dorset through the use of courses and archives. One Lower Sixth pupil Alex produced a write-up of  his findings and here is the result.