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Theme Weeks

What is Intelligence?  Have we lost our identity?  Has technology taken over?  Our annual cultural theme weeks immerse the school in a series of talks by scientists, poets, film-makers, writers, environmentalists and economists to encourage Canfordians of all ages, staff, parents and the wider Canford community to think and debate some of life's great questions.

Learning is multi-faceted and for it to have real meaning and to be truly enduring we must reflect whenever we can on how our own learning is intertwined through countless different experiences and contexts throughout our lives. 

Ben Vessey

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In addition to these annual weeks, each summer the Fifth Form take part in a Post GCSE cultural programme designed to immerse them in the culture and history of our country beyond the constraints of their exam preparation.  Pupils visit local and national museums, theatres and other places of cultural interest on a particular theme, and present their findings to their peers in an event in the Layard Theatre at the end of the summer term.

Cultural Encounters

From individuals to countries, we are defined by culture

town and country

The amazing variety of culture and history on our doorstep

the living moment

Dramatic moments, paintings and installations in Oxford and London