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Library and Resources

Pupils have access to a broad range of online and paper academic resources.  The Canford Gateway is a dedicated online school portal providing guidance and links for all areas of school life, including academic research, careers advice and pastoral well-being, while the school library offers both hard copy and virtual learning opportunities.

The library aims to support the curriculum and promote reading. It houses 12,000 books and 750 DVDs.  The library catalogue is centrally networked and resources are indexed to provide easy access to the material available.  The library catalogue also contains all useful material from departmental libraries as well as 6,000 selected website links.  Allowance is made for 10% replacement of stock each year, so that it is kept up-to-date and in good condition.

Emphasis is on providing what members want as quickly as possible, whether the material required is academic or recreational.  The selection of materials to support curriculum needs is made by the librarian through informal consultation with Heads of Departments.

Online Resources

The library also provides access to a collection of e-books and audiobooks as well as a range of over 30 selected online resources to support academic study.  The aim in amalgamating non-book materials is to encourage pupils to use a variety of media in their research. Subscribed online resources include the New Scientist Archive, JSTOR, The Day and European Newsstream.  The library catalogue contains all useful material from departmental libraries and is centrally networked. The library also has excellent links with local public library services who have substantial online catalogues.

Research Facility

The librarians offer a timesaving research facility to both staff and pupils.  Information can be requested personally, by phone or by e-mail.  3 daily newspapers and 40 periodicals and magazines are also available for students to browse in the library.  The library also maintains a 'current articles' file of useful ephemera.

Library Staff

The library staff are available to offer individual assistance when required, throughout the school day and during the two evenings when the library opens until 9pm.

The library also celebrates national events by running activities for National Poetry Day and World Book Day as well as creating themed displays to promote books and reading.    

Email the librarian - Mary Anne Hockey 

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