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Support for Learning

Canford supports learning through a whole-school approach, achieving excellent outcomes for all pupils. Our SENCo provides whole-school training on a range of learning differences, helping teachers to identify and respond to the learning challenges that all pupils can encounter, including those with SEND. Support for learning (SFL) is embedded across Canford’s curriculum. Teachers meet regularly to share good practice across departments and develop awareness of differing needs; all departments offer drop-in ’clinics’ and ad hoc 1:1 support. Targeted shells (Year 9) participate in specialised reading groups in addition to the Accelerated Reader Programme which is open to all year 9 pupils.

The SFL department also provides specialist programmes for those pupils with identified learning differences who may require additional support. Our aim is for pupils to develop the skills they need to think and learn independently. We enable our pupils to develop strategies, gain confidence in their own learning and acquire the study skills that will help them to succeed at Canford and beyond.

Assessing Needs

All new pupils complete the computerised Lucid Exact, a comprehensive assessment of literacy skills. Free writing speed is also assessed.  Baseline assessment also provides a helpful snapshot of a pupil’s current skills, such as vocabulary, maths, proofreading and speed of working.

Pupils and parents are encouraged to communicate with tutors about their child’s progress in the first instance. Tutors and teachers liaise closely with the Academic Head of Lower School and SFL in monitoring pupil progress, raising concerns and agreeing appropriate interventions.



Contact SFL

Kristina Symons - SENCO

PATOSS accredited APC, Level 7 Certificate SPLD (OCR), PGCE (Leicester) BA Hons (Loughborough)

Kristina is happy to talk to parents of prospective pupils at any time and may be contacted by telephone on 01202 847494 or by email

Penny Frampton - Teacher in charge of Shells, Learning Support Teacher

Pagan Bishop - Learning Support Teacher

Naomi Miles - Learning Support Teacher

Katie Salmon - Learning Skills Teacher

Franky Shon - Learning Skills Teacher 

Penelope Talfourd-Cook - Learning Support Teacher 

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