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The Tutor System

At Canford every pupil is treated as an individual. We are crucially aware that the needs of each pupil will be different, and equally will change at various stages during their school career.  Our tutor system aims to monitor, record, co-ordinate, communicate and develop the broad educational progress of each pupil throughout their time at the school. 

Strong working relationships based on knowledge and understanding, supported by clear and timely communication between the tutor, the tutee, other relevant staff and parents are fundamental components of a successful tutorial process.

The tutor programme has been revised and enhanced in recent years, based around time dedicated for listening, monitoring, supporting and guiding. The unique iCAN profile is an online system which encourages every pupil to reflect on his or her experiences and to set targets for further involvement, while making links between the different sectors of their Canford learning. The development of the profile is discussed regularly in tutor time and becomes a useful element in the UCAS application process for those considering higher education.

More dedicated staff and time for tutor/pupil meetings in houses have been allocated, which has enabled the provision of more effective and helpful advice and guidance on a regular basis.  Communication plays a fundamental part in the success of our programme and in each year group the tutor's aim is to ensure the well being of each pupil in his/her care.  In the Shells tutoring tends to be pastorally focused, ensuring the pupils are settling in to the new school environment.  In the Fourth Form, with GCSE choices now in place, discussions develop further on academic matters while also making sure that pupils are taking advantage of the many co-curricular opportunities on offer.  During the Fifth Form, tutors begin to discuss careers ideas and A Level choices, and refer to assessments to ensure that every pupil is working to the very best of his or her ability leading up to GCSE examinations. Tutors offer support where there are issues of concern, or where pupils are finding it difficult to manage their time or needing additional help in certain subjects and often discuss issues with relevant department staff to provide solutions.  In the Sixth Form, pupils are offered the opportunity to request a particular tutor, and we aim to fulfil first choices as far as possible.  The Sixth Form tutor offers guidance and support on academic, co-curricular and pastoral matters and becomes an important mentor during the final two years at Canford.


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