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Admissions Introduction


A very special school and one that can easily hold its own with the most popular in the country. The whole place fizzes with activity from dawn till dusk and results are easily as good as other co-ed schools with illustrious names. With its first-rate teaching, stunning setting and innovative ideas, Canford is definitely at the top of its game.The Good Schools Guide

We recognise that choosing a senior school can be daunting, and our aim is to make the Admissions process as positive an experience as possible for both parents and children.  We hope that these pages will give you a helpful introduction to how our Admissions system works, and how to get in touch with us to find out all the information you need to make an informed decision as to whether Canford is the right school for your child.

The main points for entry to Canford are at 13+ and 16+. There is also the possibility of 14+ entry if space is available and if test results and the school report indicate that a pupil is able to embark successfully on a two-year GCSE/IGCSE programme. The first step is usually to visit the school or explore further via the links below.