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Pupil Hub

Welcome to THE PUPIL hub page!

We know that moving school is exciting but can also be daunting, particularly at the moment when we are not able to offer you the chance to come to Canford and see the school for yourself.

So our pupils have been busy putting together lots of resources for you to read and watch. We hope these will help you get a better idea of what life is like here.

All the films and booklets on this page have been created by the pupils themselves - with just a bit of help from staff along the way.

If you want to ask them any questions, please just get in touch through the email address



about canford

Canford virtual visit

Visit our Virtual Visits page to find out more about all aspects of life at Canford from 13+ and 16+ entry.

A Year 9 Pupil's Day

Sixth Form Life at Canford


21 questions about Canford

Senior School Life

Life at Senior School

Boarding Pupil Podcast

Ten Tors

DofE Award 

Girl Boarding Tour

Italy Rowing Camp

India Partnership

Boy Boarding Tour

Bike Club

Ghana Partnership

Day House Tour

Formula 24 

The Shell Years 

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Please use the dedicated email address for any questions about joining Canford.


There are lots more films produced by pupils and staff at Canford on our school YouTube channel.


Junior Activities

Visit our Junior Activities hub page where you can find lots of links and resources to really exciting activities from around the web.