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Scholarships, Fees and Finance

Fees and Charges for the Academic Year 2021/22

School Fees

Boarders £13,130

Day £9,995

Fees are payable in advance by the first day of term. A monthly payment scheme, starting in July each year, is also available.

Registration Fee

Payable when pupil is entered (non-refundable)

U.K. £200

Overseas £200

Confirmation Fee/Deposit

Payable in advance of entry; refundable on final bill but forfeit if the confirmed place is not taken up: £1,250

No interest is paid on deposits.

For non E.U. parents a full term's fees is required as a deposit, in addition to the first term's fees due.


If you would like further information about communication and payment of fee accounts, please contact the Finance department.

For further information on fee planning please visit the Independent Schools Council website at

Terms and Conditions

Please read Canford's Terms and Conditions carefully.

Terms and Conditions

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Additional Charges Information

Insurance Schemes

Personal Accident including Emergency Dental: All pupils are automatically included in the Personal Accident Scheme.

Personal Effects: The school is unable to accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal property of pupils and does not carry insurance for this purpose. A Student’s Personal Effects Scheme is available – to participate in the scheme a written application must be received by the Bursary. The cost of the scheme is £8.57 per term.

Pupils' Absence Scheme: No remission of fees can be claimed on account of absence from ill health or associated causes unless the pupil is included in the scheme. To participate in the scheme a written application must be received by the Bursary. The cost of the scheme is 0.55% of the school fee.

Notice of Removal

A full term’s notice must be given in writing to the Headmaster before withdrawing a pupil or declining a confirmed place. In the Fifth Form the required notice is a term and a half. Failing such notice, a full term’s fees are payable at the then prevailing rate. Full details of notice requirements are in the Terms and Conditions.

Fees and Charges

We work hard to include as many activities as possible within the fees. Lunch, text books, house parties and all compulsory trips are included in the fees. Some activities, however, are charged as ‘extras’. As a guide, extras in the Christmas term can average £250 with the remaining terms being a little lower. Music lessons or private tuition can add another £300 or so per term to this figure, dependent upon the number of lessons. However, it is possible to limit extra charges to much lower amounts if you and your child are cautious.

In charging extras, the guidance to teachers and others is that items or activities costing up to £20 can be added as an extra, but that prior parental agreement must be given to charges over £20.

If you wish to cancel a voluntary activity, we will need one full term’s notice in writing or the payment of the fee, charge or subscription in lieu. For example, music lessons are charged in arrears and withdrawal from music tuition requires one full term’s notice in writing to the Director of Music.

Please note the following in relation to specific extra charges:

• Examinations - Entrance fees are payable by the school on entry for the examination and are not refundable. The charge for entry will therefore be made on the extras account at this time, even though the examination may not yet have taken place.

• Bus Service for Day Pupils - Details of the bus service are published at Please contact the Transport Manager on 01202 847568 or if you have any questions. Charges are made in arrears.

• Music Tuition – a 35 minute lesson is £30; instrument Hire (per term) is £30

• Private Tuition, per session per pupil, is charged at

Individual £29.96

2 pupils £17.23

3 pupils £13.22

4 or more pupils £11.41


Below are examples of other activities or items that the school may charge as extras:

• Art and Design Technology materials (non-standard only)

• Careers courses, registration, university visits

• CCF – dinners, kit if lost or damaged

• Examination charges

• Extra tuition

• Health Centre transport charges

• Horse riding

• House – hoodies and damages

• Library photocopying, fines and replacement costs

• Music lessons and extras e.g. sheet music, strings

• Newspapers and magazines

• Physiotherapy charges

• Rowing

• Sports charges, lessons e.g. pilates

• Stationery

• Theatre trips (optional trips only are charged)

An estimated fee account will be provided two weeks before the end of term, on request, to those parents who have problems with exchange control or need to present an account to their employer. These accounts will be posted, given to the pupil or emailed as required.

No remission of the fees is made when a pupil is removed for disciplinary or voluntary reasons, perhaps due to sickness, for part of a term. Please also see ‘Pupils’ Absence Scheme’ above.

Cash Advances and Credit

Adequate financial arrangements must be made to enable pupils to meet their day-to-day expenses, cost of travel and subsistence, particularly for university interviews. Cash advances will not be made on the fee account.

Equal Opportunities Policy

Canford understands and values the different cultural, religious, ethnic and linguistic backgrounds of its pupils and recognises that all of its pupils, regardless of their background or gender, should enjoy equal opportunities. Through its policies and practice the school seeks to provide an environment in which all individuals can thrive and feel safe and secure, and to encourage the development in its pupils of a proper sensitivity to the needs of others.

Data Protection Policy

The school is registered with the Data Protection Commission for the purposes of ensuring lawful processing of data on individuals. For parents and pupils, such data is processed in receiving and processing applications for pupil places. The school may also share name-only lists of applicants with other schools. In addition, pupil records include details relating to parents and guardians. Some parents and pupils might not wish the school to hold or process their personal data and if that is the case, they are asked to advise the Bursar. However, pupils and parents can rest assured that any information processed on them by the school is kept confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties without their prior consent.

School Fees Schemes

A list of charitable organisations offering grants to assist with school fees is available from the Independent Schools Council website.

Non-routine medical treatment

Pupils may be referred by the school doctor for physiotherapy. The School’s physiotherapist will provide up to three sessions of treatment free of charge, for each injury. If our physiotherapist’s assessment is that more than 3 treatments or ongoing treatment is required, the pupils will be referred to the NHS for physiotherapy or, if parents have arranged medical insurance, to a private external physiotherapist. Parents should be aware that waiting times for NHS physiotherapy can be long and pupils will have to travel to Wimborne or Poole Hospitals; hence the time and costs involved with transportation to and from these appointments should be taken into consideration. The School has however, arranged for a private physiotherapist to work from a treatment room at Canford, thereby enabling easy access for pupils and ensuring continuity of care for via an efficient handover from the School’s physiotherapist. Payment for the private physiotherapist will be a direct arrangement between parent and physiotherapist.