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City Reach

The sound of laughter and the sight of many smiling faces were apparent at every activity and the children's enthusiasm was infectious. The Fairthorne Manor weekend helped Canfordians make a real difference to young people's lives. 

Canford Sixth Former

This project is a long-term partnership between our pupils and the inner city community of Northam involving a programme of visits and activities. Northam is a small neighbourhood in Southampton near the heart of the city which is geographically quite isolated and with few local amenities.

For the people of Northam, the project provides an opportunity to take part in a range of activities which it is sometimes difficult for them to access and also provides support for the work of the Community Centre and its leaders. 

Typical events include activity weekends at an outdoor education centre, weekend summer camps for 50 youngsters at Canford, theatre visits, trips for the elderly and joint fundraising campaigns.  Canford's involvement with youth work in inner city Southampton reached its seventeenth anniversary in 2019.  A recent reorganisation involving Northam joining forces with neighbouring projects in St. Mary's and Holyrood resulted in a new identity - the City Reach Youth Project - allowing Canfordians to make even wider contacts with youngsters in the city.

We have a really great bond with all of these children when we go camping and spend time with them at their youth centre.  Over the activity weekends we try and get them to push their boundaries and achieve goals they didn't really believe were possible.  

Canford Sixth Former