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Global Connections

global connections

Exploring and shaping the world beyond our school gates.

The Global Connections programme will enable pupils to;

  • Engage with complex global challenges.
  • Explore links between their own lives and people, places and issues throughout the world.
  • Understand the global context of their local lives.
  • Express how they can play an active role in their local and global community, throughout and beyond their time at Canford.

This will be achieved through the presence of four distinct journeys that pupils will undertake across the years;

  • The Partnership Journey
  • The Enterprise Journey
  • The Geopolitical Journey
  • The International Journey

Further information regarding these journeys is explained in more detail here.

Naomi Ings - Global Connections

Canford global connections journey

The Journey starts here

Global issues and events at Canford.

India Partnership Trip
Sagar School Visit
Canford Chinese New Year
Model UN
Global connections India