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House Life

Canford is a school with Houses. While every pupil will strongly identify as a member of each House and enter each House event with pride and gusto, the structure and running of each Boarding and Day House is exactly the same. 

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Boarding House Life

We have four boys’ boarding houses and three girls’ boarding houses. All are located within the school grounds just a few minutes' walk from the main buildings.  Around 70% of our pupils are full boarders - there is no weekly or flexi boarding option but there are opportunities to go home during each term.

From the pupils

Straightaway I noticed the friendliness of all the pupils and staff and felt at home."I love boarding - it's like one big family and it's great fun in the evenings and at weekends."

Day House Life

We have three co-educational Day Houses all centrally located. Around 30% of our pupils are day and take advantage of all the opportunities open to them at a full boarding school.  Daily bus services from the surrounding areas up to 45 minutes from Canford run on Monday-Friday and Saturday mornings.

From the pupils

Although I am a day pupil, being part of a house makes school feel like a second home."

Being a day pupil is great as I like having a bit more of an out-of-school social life.”