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FAQ's Boarding

How many pupils stay in at weekends? 
On average around 70% of boarders stay in at weekends.  There is a full programme of activities offered, and also the chance to make use of the school’s sports facilities. Some pupils also like to catch up on homework or simply relax in house with their friends.

Which schools do most boarders come from? 
Our 120 Shells join us from around 50 different prep and junior schools.  Most boarders come from prep schools within a 2-2.5 hour radius of the school, but we do also take a good number each year from the Channel Islands.  

How many pupils are in each dorm? 
In the Shells there will typically be 4-6 pupils per dorm.  This number decreases as you move up the school, with most Fifth Formers sharing a twin room and most Sixth Formers having a single study bedroom. 

How many overseas pupils are there?
Unlike an increasing number of UK boarding schools, Canford’s percentage of international pupils remains relatively low. Currently 10.5% of families are resident abroad, which includes 6.5% who are non-native English speakers.

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