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Day FAQs

What is the structure for day pupils?

Day pupils are fully integrated into all aspects of Canford life.  Pupils arrive for registration in their houses at 8.15am in time for assembly, chapel or house meetings.  Day pupils can go home from 5:30pm, with buses leaving at 6pm. On Saturdays, morning lessons are followed by an afternoon of sport. Day pupils are required to attend a number of chapel services on Sundays during the year. 

Will I miss activities if I don’t board?
Canford is run as a seven day a week boarding school and there is a full programme of evening and weekend activities on offer.  Day pupils are always welcome to join these school events and stay on in the evenings to take part in activities such as music concerts, plays and societies. 

Will I mix with boarders or are the houses kept separate?
All houses, whether boarding or day,  are run along similar lines and are all located on the school site so there is plenty of opportunity for pupils from different houses to mix.  Pupils are fully integrated during lessons and activities throughout the main school day and all meals are eaten centrally in the Great Hall.  For senior pupils there is a Sixth Form Centre complete with networked PCs and a kitchen area.  The Tuck Shop, known as the ‘Grubber’ is also a popular meeting point for pupils across the school.

Can I stay overnight if I want to?
There is no provision for overnight accommodation within the day houses.

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