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Life at Canford Introduction

Canfordians are ordinary young men and women with extraordinary opportunities.

Ben Vessey


Canford is a school which aims to challenge the intellect and broaden the vision. It engages pupils with a myriad of experiences that instil confidence and ambition. But it also seeks to provide them with an understanding that education is something to be treasured and to be used both for the individual and to make a difference more widely. Passing through the school un-noticed is not an option; pupils are taught to find their talents and confront their weaknesses. The keys are trust and high expectations.


A full programme of fixtures across a range of sports, developing skills to the highest levels

Creative Arts

You don't need to take Art, Music or Drama academically to get involved in plays, concerts and performances

Community Action

An important part of school life helping communities both at home and abroad

Groups and Societies

From subject specific groups to general opportunities to learn new skills


Join the Army, Navy or Marines sections

Duke of Edinburgh

Canford is an accredited DoE centre for Bronze and Gold Awards


Photographs from across Canford Life

lectures and events

Theme Weeks, visiting speakers and cultural events

trips and expeditions

Interactive Global Map


In order to fulfil their potential and take advantage of all the opportunities a boarding school offers, pupils need to feel safe and cared for. Our pastoral programme ensures that every pupil feels valued as an individual in a happy and secure environment. As a Christian foundation, spiritual well-being is important not only in terms of exploring individual faith but also in supporting pupils through the many life challenges they face during their teenage years.


Fostering the capacity to cope with the demands of 21st century living, while encouraging pupils to understand themselves and develop emotional resilience is what we aim for through our extensive pastoral programme.

Nick Hunter - Deputy Head, Pastoral

Life as Boarder

A full program me of activities in evenings and at weekends

Life as a Day Pupil

Day pupils benefit from all a boarding school environment offers

Pastoral Life

A dynamic programme of pastoral care

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