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Pupil Perspectives

pupil perspectives

This page has been put together with the support of the Sixth Form Marketing pupil leaders with the aim of providing an overview of some of the many highlights and memorable moments from their time at Canford.

We hope you enjoy gaining an insight into what you can expect from your first Shell year, through to Sixth Form.

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    Is the enjoyment of school sport worth the risk of concussion?
    Henry Baynham Essay Joint Winner 2020 - Toby Bishop (Lower Sixth)

    School sport and physical activity have always played a central part of my life. But activity has also caused four episodes of concussion: two sustained from school sport matches and training; two non-sporting episodes - one playfighting with siblings and the other from falling down a cliff whilst on holiday. So, with such high risks present, how should the huge enjoyment from school sports be balanced against these great risks?

    Henry Baynham Essay Joint Winner 2020 - Sophie Hussey (Lower Sixth)

    Personally, I have never struggled with the word feminist. Growing up in a lone-parent home, I have been shaped by my mother’s independence. She has taught me not to be apologetic for my own values, and so, in our household the word feminist is never regarded as an insult, rather it is considered as an empowering word in the struggle for women’s equality. The definition for the word feminism is ‘The advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of the equality of the sexes’[1] (from the Oxford English Dictionary). This meaning does not dictate that women have to be the stereotypical ‘man hating’, alternative woman, but instead advocates giving women political, economic, personal and social equality. Essentially, it advocates giving women choice in how they look, feel and view the world. However, throughout the years, the meaning of the word feminist seems to have been distorted. Even with my own choice of this essay title, I have opened myself up to teasing from my peers at school, many of whom seem to have the opinion that ‘feminists’ are men hating ‘femi-Nazis’. This is not just the opinion of boys with whom I have spoken. Many of my female friends are extremely reluctant to use the word, considering that it does not represent their own feelings and opinions on equality.

    The Bigger Issue 

    The Bigger Issue is a popular weekly newsletter written by a group of Sixth Form pupils.

    The pupil Editors set a weekly topic and collate articles from around 15 pupils.

    The publication, which has been running for at least 15 years, used to be called 'This Week' before being renamed in 2018. It has undergone several name changes through the years, but its motto, 'For the students, by the students' has been a constant.

    The Bigger Issue sample articles

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