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Pupil Perspectives

pupil perspectives

This page has been put together with the support of the Sixth Form Marketing pupil leaders with the aim of providing an overview of some of the many highlights and memorable moments from their time at Canford.

We hope you enjoy gaining an insight into what you can expect from your first Shell year, through to Sixth Form.

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    Final week of the summer term

    The Essence of Canford - A pupil view

    Boarding Weekend Activities

    Canford Colour Run 2019

    Shells - The First Year

    I love boarding because everyone makes it a really nice community as everyone is nice and friendly. I have made some really great friends and it has been so nice sharing a dorm with people as they have been really kind.

    Annabel - Shells 

    Canford in a Nut Shell

    This guide has been written and produced by seven Canford pupils in Year 9 ('Shell' year). Over the following pages you will find information about about school life at Canford from the pupil's perspective. We hope that it is helpful and gives you an idea of what it is like to be a pupil at Canford.

    Shell Carousel

    Canford believes in providing an all-round holistic education and the Shell Carousel is an excellent example of this. For young people to be exposed to activities for the first time provides new horizons and opportunities; to be challenged in ways that take pupils outside their comfort zone is a positive experience; and to learn some important life skills is certainly beneficial. These opportunities are the non-quantifiable parts of a true education and they play a huge part in developing teamwork, leadership, respect of others and emotional intelligence. 

    The aim of the Carousel is to enable all Shells to take part in the large range of superb activities on offer at Canford and to learn lots of new skills along the way. 

    If the pupils are really inspired by a particular activity, then they may choose to pursue this in the future and several of the Shells have chosen different activities and sports due to having enjoyed various blocks of the Carousel.

    Day in the life of a Shell pupil

    Shell GCSE Choices Evening

    Trip Highlights

    Geography Trip, Naples

    Hockey Tour, Holland

    Shell Photo Gallery

    Fourths & Fifths - The GCSE Years

    My Canford Highlights

    Quotes from the Fourth & Fifth Form

    The CCF trip to Snowdonia in 4th form was one of my favourite school trips ever as it was so much fun and such an adventure as we did a zip wire across a quarry and I learnt so much about myself and working in a team

    Tallulah - Upper Sixth

    It is really fun to get involved with all different aspects of school life. Drama can lead you into whole school productions which are always amazing and music can mean you can perform concerts in unique locations. I love boarding because there's such a family environment in the house. Upper and lower years can speak to each other about worries and concerns and will always help. The best trip I have been on was the Shell hockey tour to Holland which was amazing because we gained so much experience and came together as a team

    Madie - Fifth Form

    Boarding is great because you feel like part of a big family and you get to see your friends all the time

    Honour - Fourth Form 

    The drama and music is very inclusive and there are loads of bands and groups you can be part of. Sports teams are always fun.

    Amy - Fifth Form 

    You form some really strong and meaningful bonds at Canford and can enjoy getting involved in everything, especially the Music and Drama. There are lots of good opportunities to get involved and gain experience outside of your comfort zone.

    Amanda - Fourth Form 


    Trip Highlights

    CCF Norway trip 2019

    Canford School CCF has been embarking for a number of years on a cross-country skiing expedition to Norway on what is described by all who go, as the toughest and the best trip the school offers. This year saw another twenty four cadets, a fifth of our Year 10s aged 14 to 15, challenging themselves in an alien environment, learning a completely new skill and then testing themselves, often to the limit, physically and mentally. 

    The first day of the expedition was amazing and it’s a day I will remember for the rest of my life. The experience to sleep in a snow hole with all of your friends is an amazing experience. We made the snow hole in three hours and at the end of it we all felt exhausted and ready for a good night’s sleep - luckily, we had one!  It was really rewarding and something that nobody will ever forget.”

    The first day of the expedition was long and nearly all uphill. In the last hour we had a blizzard and a white-out whilst on a very steep slope. It was really tough but the sense of achievement and relief when we got to the hut was great.”

    The second day was my favourite as the weather was lovely and the route mostly flat. Seeing the reindeer was completely surreal and put me in a great mood the rest of the day.”

    CCF Norway Trip 2019

    Italy Rowing Camp - 5ths, L6, U6

    History Battlefields Trip, France

    CCF Trip, Snowdonia

    Spanish tapas evening

    fifth form dinner

    Sixth Form - The A Level Years & Preparing for life after Canford

    My Canford Highlights

    Quotes from Sixth Form pupils

    Competing in the Football cup was a highlight of my Canford career as the camaraderie made me feel included

    Ben - Upper Sixth

    Taking part in overseas sports tours such as the rowing trip to Italy has expanded my horizons

    Richie - Upper Sixth 

    My favourite experience was being involved in my House play because it allowed me to have a go at being on stage for the first time supported by my friends, it is an experience I will never forget and I had the time of my life rehearsing and performing.

    Nat - Upper Sixth

    So much fun mixing between years and making friendships across the school. I take part in 6 different sports, music groups, been part of four theatrical productions, Marine NCO in the CCF and I have represented my House in all competitions and I have continued with it all because of the high standard and quality it is run at. I love boarding because of the bond you form with friends and relationships made. Like a family.

    Izzy - Lower Sixth

    I have really enjoyed hockey throughout my time at Canford even though I am not in the best team I still get to play matches and have fun training sessions. I also love doing cross country and it has really helped improve my fitness and recently has put me in good stead for a half marathon.

    Lucy - Upper Sixth 

    Sixth Form Life at Canford

    L6 Partnership Trip - Ghana

    L6 Partnership Trip - India

    Lower Sixth Careers Symposium

    Pre-U Art Exhibition in London

    A Level Classics Dinner

    Ghana Fundraising Dinner

    Canford Blog - Pupil contributions

    Jessye Phillips (Upper Sixth)

    Upper Sixth pupil Jessye Phillips is a passionate environmentalist and was inspired to write this spoken word poem following her attendance at the Extinction Rebellion strikes in London in April and march with XR youth, a fridaysforfuture strike in Exeter in April and most recently the Earth Strike in Bournemouth in September. Jessye gave speeches at the latter two and performed this spoken word poem at the recent school Yellow Hour.

    Jamie Tian (Fourth Form)

    This research will investigate the evolution of eukaryotic cells.

    The aims of this research are to:

    i)       Investigate how mitochondria and chloroplasts evolved by looking at the endosymbiotic hypothesis

    ii)     Investigate how eukaryotic nuclei were formed by viral eukaryogenesis

    iii)    Investigate the outside-in and inside-out hypothesis of symbiogenesis.

    The main objective of this report is to find out possible ways of how eukaryotic cells were evolved from prokaryotes and how the different organelles within eukaryotic cells are developed and specialized to perform different functions. 

    Isabella Woodward Newnham College Cambridge Essay Prizewinner 2019
    Newnham College Cambridge Essay Prizewinner 2019 - Isabella Woodward (Lower Sixth)

    Now is a great time for women in science, and we see that clearly in biology. Many female biologists have made incredible breakthroughs that have revolutionized modern science in recent times. They come from across the world and range from the conservation works for chimpanzees by Professor Jane Goodall, to the development of harnessing the potential power of the protein CAS9 and CRISPR technology by Jennifer Doudna, not to mention many others - all of whom are worthy of a Nobel prize. However, for the purpose of this essay I have chosen to ‘nominate’ professor Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz for her seminal work on embryonic stem cells and embryonic development. I am going to be focusing on three of her major breakthroughs, the impacts they have had in the science community, and what they could mean for future development. 

    The Bigger Issue 

    The Bigger Issue is a popular weekly newsletter written by a group of Sixth Form pupils.

    The pupil Editors set a weekly topic and collate articles from around 15 pupils.

    The publication, which has been running for at least 15 years, used to be called 'This Week' before being renamed in 2018. It has undergone several name changes through the years, but its motto, 'For the students, by the students' has been a constant.

    The Bigger Issue sample articles

    House Events Gallery

    Canford Colour Run

    House Art

    House Drama

    House Cross Country

    House Regatta