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training timesFor information for both rowers and all general public using the River Stour for water based activities, the Boat Club trains on the river at the following times each week.  

Monday: 2pm to 4pm

Tuesday: 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 6pm

Wednesday: 4pm to 6pm

Thursday: 2pm to 6pm

Friday: 4pm to 6pm

Saturday: 1:30 to 5pm


the boat clubCanford School is very fortunate to have the River Stour running alongside the school grounds, with the boathouse just a short walk from the main school campus.  There is excellent equipment catering for both boys and girls. At the start Shell year boys and girls are encouraged to scull, which can be done in Octuples and Quadruples sculls and gives a good foundation and introduction to the sport.  As rowers move up the school, there are eights, fours, doubles and singles available.

Strength and conditioning training is an integral part of rowing at Canford. Anthropometric and physiological testing is a thorough way of looking after each individual needs and an excellent way of monitoring the progress of all members of the Boat Club. Ergometers also play an important role in the preparation period.A large fully equipped sports hall and updated strength & conditioning gym provides excellent facilities for different types of workouts such as, circuit training, spinning, core strength and stability.

Ian Dryden, Director of Rowing, was formerly assistant coach at Cambridge University in the 1990s when Cambridge dominated both the Blue Boat and Goldie races. He then coached in Australia for two years at a major club and also for the Victorian Institute of Sport. 

Canford attend numerous regattas and head races throughout the year catering for all levels of athletes. The Schools' Heads, National Schools Regatta, Henley Royal Regatta and Women's Henley are the highlights of the season.  We encourage all athletes who show potential to continue through to international honours or to simply enjoy rowing at Canford.  In recent years Canfordians have enjoyed excellence in Rowing, including GB representation winning Gold in Rio, numerous national successes and OC Anastasia Chitty made history captaining the first Women's Oxbridge boat race winning Oxford crew.

The Friends of Canford Rowing supports the Boat Club organising events, keeping parents in touch and providing much needed hot chocolates and encouragement at regattas and heads throughout the season.   

Friends of Canford Rowing

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