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Always a Canfordian

Your connection with Canford doesn't end when you leave.   We hope you will stay in touch throughout your life.

The Old Canfordian Society (OCS) is the alumni membership organisation and the network of Old Canfordians (OCs) is vast and far reaching, the value of which can't be underestimated.   Contact with OCs can provide careers advice, mentoring and a friendly network to assist the transition into the world of higher education and work, not to mention many social opportunities.  Sixth Formers are automatic Associate Members of the OCS, and on leaving become Full Members provided that the lifetime subscription has been paid during their journey through Canford.

We organise events that ensure all OCs can continue friendships made at Canford through the rest of their lives.  We look forward to a long association between you and the OC Society.

Robin Wright - OCS President

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