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Sixth Form Pastoral

There is always a way of finding the right balance with the help of house staff and also your tutor who will stick by you through thick and thin.

Upper Sixth leaver

Pastoral care is based around the house system.   Each house varies in layout but all are well-staffed and very welcoming social environments, small enough for you to feel well known and large enough to have a good mix of personalities.

Sixth Formers are encouraged to take the lead running annual house events such as House Art, House Music and House Cross Country and also take on the role of mentors to the younger pupils in the house.   House prefects meet regularly with HsMs and matrons and all Sixth Formers are encouraged to put forward thoughts and ideas on how to improve life in house.   

All Sixth Formers have their own study bedrooms for quiet study, but with a mix of year groups on each corridor, houses have an inclusive feel.   Loyalty towards your house quickly becomes very strong and inter-house competitions are fiercely fought!

In the Sixth Form you will have your own personal tutor who you will meet regularly not only for discussion of academic progress and objectives, but also to talk about anything in particular which is a worry or which needs advice and guidance on.

Your tutor really becomes a key mentor and guide over your two Sixth Form years.

The Health Centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, staffed by fully qualified Registered General Nurses.   If you have any health or general counselling issues there are plenty of people you can go to confidentially within the school, such as tutors, matrons, house staff and the chaplaincy.

We also run talks and seminars each term on many different aspects of teenage health and well-being, which give you the chance to have your questions answered.